Happy Fish

Pond Maintenance



On the Fylde Coast and North West Lancs

A job no one likes but it is an essential part of a ponds ability to sustain the life of your fish.


Regular maintenance is the key to happy fish and happy owners.


Tel  07968556454

Maintenance on a regular basis:


Check UV , Pumps , filters.


Keep Blanketweed under control.


Keep Pond Floor clear of anerobic bacteria


Check pH levels ,  Ammonia  &  Nitrates


We are getting to that time of year when the weather warms up and you start to notice your pond again. A build up of debris on the pond floor needs removing so the filter can do its job, pumps and Uv;s need checking. One off clean up or a regular maintenance is offered. With 20 years experience in ponds and fish health , your pond is in safe hands give me a call to arrange a visit.


Tel:  07968556454       2020